About Us

  • MD-Everywhere online is a service that increases your access to medical care.
  • Get medical care without going to a doctor's office or urgent care center.
  • Sometimes you need access to a doctor immediately. Now, with MDE online you have access to high-quality medical care any time of the day, wherever you are. Get medical advice and care the moment you need it.
  • No appointments. No waiting. No Hassle, very simple.
  • Visiting the US and forgot your prescription? No problem, we will help you.
  • MDE online costs a fraction of a regular doctor visit or urgent care visit.
  • No health insurance needed or accepted.
  • Service currently available only in the state of FLORIDA


Request a consultation for a medication refill, lab request or doctor opinion. The health care provider will review your request, medical history and information provided.


Connect with our medical staff. Our medical staff will contact you and assess your medical condition and request.


If medically necessary, a prescription will be sent to the pharmacy of your choice or lab/xray/imaging request will be order. You will receive your prescription, laboratory request and treatment you need in a timely, expedient manner.

We do not prescribe or refill controlled substances: narcotics, stimulants, barbiturates or benzodiazepines.

How much does it cost?

We have decided to focus on prescription refill at the moment so we can optimized one service.

$25 dollars per medication refill and $15 for every extra prescription.

$35 dollars per laboratory request and $15 for every extra laboratory request. Coming Soon

$50 dollars for urgent care consultation. Coming Soon

Do I need health insurance?

No, for this service you don’t need insurance.

If you have a health savings account (HSA) you can use it for our services.

At the pharmacy if you have insurance, you will use it in the pharmacy as you normally do. This service does not include the cost of the medication.